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A Little about Mold

Mold is a fact of life. It is everywhere. As strange as it may sound, our planet has been dependent on mold since the dawn of time. Mold helps to break down biological matter. Without it, plant and animal waste would build up and we would soon be overrun.

As important as mold is to the outdoors, it can be a problem indoors. Left unchecked, an active mold issue can be more than just smelly and unsightly. It can grow significantly in a matter of days and become a serious airborne health hazard, causing allergic reactions, serious respiratory distress, headaches, memory loss, neurological disorders, and even death. With effects ranging from short-term discomfort to long-lasting and permanent damage, mold is not something to be underestimated.

It is impossible to predict just how badly someone will be affected by mold in their home or business, so it is imperative that mold concerns are handled promptly, safely, and professionally. If mold growth is suspected, call Bio Solutions Inc. today.

Mold Inspections and Mold Testing

If you suspect you have mold or visibly seen it then it’s extremely important to get a mold inspection by a certified mold inspector. A Bio Solutions certified mold inspector will be able to assess both the presence of microbial contamination, and the source of any underlying moisture intrusion.

The inspection usually takes a couple hours and should you choose to use Bio Solutions for the mold remediation the cost of the inspection will be deducted from the work.

All samples are sent to a full independent outside mold testing laboratory. You will be provided with a written report outlining the findings of the mold inspection, along with recommendations, and a copy of the lab report

Mold Remediation and clean up

Once there is confirmed mold it is import to have professional remediation as soon as possible. Mold can spread fast further increasing damages, costs, and health issues. After the mold remediation it’s imperative to make sure that the source of the mold problem has been properly addressed. Our certified mold inspectors and mold remediation staff will be there throughout the process to help ensure a safe environment for you and other occupants.

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Some common Molds


– Toxigenic mold type that changes in appearance over time. It starts out as a small moist mold that turns into a fine powdery substance.
– Very dangerous and it can lead to disease in the bone marrow, immune system and other organs. Because it is a carcinogen, it can also impair brain function


– Most common form of allergenic mold in the world
– Can cause asthma-like symptoms in the upper respiratory tract, nose and mouth. Because it spreads quickly, it’s important to remediate alternaria mold immediately before it overtakes a home.


– Common mold found in North American households.
– Over 185 species of Aspergillus
– Allergenic mold, but it is also capable of becoming more toxic depending on the species and the environment affected. It can lead to symptoms such as asthma attacks, lung infections and respiratory inflammation. Certain aspergillus mold species are capable of producing aflatoxins, a known and deadly carcinogen.


– Allergenic mold that can sometimes be found growing behind wallpaper or on painted or wooden surfaces


– Commonly found in water-damaged homes and buildings
– Causes health effects such as skin and nail infections. In some cases, it can produce mycotoxins that are especially dangerous in individuals with compromised immune systems


– Unique in that it can grow in both warm and cold conditions
– Typically causes allergic reactions to the eyes, nose, throat and skin. Exposure to cladosporium causes skin rash and lesions, asthma, lung infections and sinusitis.


– capable of growing and spreading even at colder temperatures
– Typically, fusarium will grow in carpeting, wallpaper and other fabrics and materials


– allergenic form of mold that usually grows in thick patches.
– Most often grows near air conditioning, HVAC systems and ducting due to moisture from condensation. Old, damp carpets can also grow mucor spores.


– Allergenic form of mold. It is easily recognizable by its characteristic blue or green colored surface with a velvety texture
– Commonly found in water damaged buildings


– Known as the nefarious “black mold.”
– Toxigenic type of mold that can also cause allergic reactions
– Sometimes called “toxic mold” because it produces mycotoxins that cause severe health problems to those who have been exposed to it. Symptoms include difficulty breathing, sinusitis, fatigue and even depression. Dull aches and pains in the mucous membranes of the sinuses is common among sufferers of black mold exposure.
– Thrives in damp, wet areas with high humidity levels.


– Allergenic mold type with five different subspecies. It’s generally white in color with green patches.
– Extremely damaging to building materials. It contains an enzyme that destroys wood and paper products as well as textiles.


– Thrives in wetness and water. It is usually black in color.
– Usually found in bathrooms, kitchens, basements and around windows with high levels of condensation

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Mould Removal

** source of mold information AerIndustries

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