Grow Ops, Meth labs, and other Illegal Drug lab Cleanup

Drug labs can be an extremely volatile and dangerous site depending on what chemicals, the type of drug (marijuana, meth, ecstasy, etc..) . A lot of times more than one type of drug was produced or packaged at the make shift lab.

What We Do

Cleanup and remediation of a building or residence that was used as a grow op, meth lab, or drug house must be done right. Bio Solutions can assess and provide a full remediation and cleanup plan of former drug houses including carrying out the remediation and cleaning work.

If you suspect your property is being used for illegal drug lab activities contact the authorities immediately. Entering the premises without proper protection puts you and others at risk from cross contamination. Seek professional help.


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In 2015 insurance claim related vehicle remediation's executed by our field team in BC alone were 3420.

that number rose to 4966 before Q4 of 2016. Bio Solutions was the pioneer of remediation for insured vehicles in Canada.

Over 80,000 insured vehicle's have had the bio safe service treatment since 1997.

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