Stolen Vehicle Cleanup

A vehicle is Stolen – The thief leaves hazardous material behind in their wake of illegal activity.

In the unfortunate circumstance of insured vehicles where loss of life or accidents with injuries have occurred, Bio-Hazards are the most present obstacle between recovery of an insured property from the field to safe effective assessment of the insured property within the insurer’s claims process.

Proactive Insurance companies minimize risk to their adjusters and ensure that their insured customers don’t see, find or suffer any further trauma from these unfortunate, yet common, Bio-Hazard situations.

As with all remediation requirements, vehicle biohazard situations can vary widely, from simple to complex. Our dedicated crews are responsible for the safe removal and remediation of sharps, in addition to fluids or other biohazards. Bio Solutions understands the requirements of service and this service management for Insurers and the insured.

Bio Solutions employees have extensive experience in bio hazardous recovery and decontamination of 1000’s of vehicles and since Pioneering this service in Western Canada in 1997, has for 19 years been the exclusive Bio Hazard remediation provider for British Columbia’s largest auto insurer.

Whether it’s Theft, Collision, or Trauma vehicle’s we have the expertise to remediate and minimize the dramatic impacts to your clients insured property from traumatic exposure or risk.
Types of contaminations we clean: bodily fluids, glass vacuuming, general garbage removal, hazard removal and disposal, drug paraphernalia, pharmaceuticals, weapons, pepper sprayed, rodent waste, mold, Offensive odors, and much more.:


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In 2015 insurance claim related vehicle remediation's executed by our field team in BC alone were 3420.

that number rose to 4966 before Q4 of 2016. Bio Solutions was the pioneer of remediation for insured vehicles in Canada.

Over 80,000 insured vehicle's have had the bio safe service treatment since 1997.

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Servicing Canada's Most Pro-Active Automotive insurer since 1997 - ICBC

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With 1000's of Homes, Vehicles and Exterior remediation's performed annually since 1997, we are industry experts at efficiency with quality.