Crime and Trauma scene clean up

Death whether by Natural Causes, Homicide, suicide, mass-casualties, accidental injuries, law enforcement actions, chemical, viral, drugs… whatever the case may be, the impact on you, your family, friends, and neighbours is enough, never mind the process of restoring the scene to its original state.

What We Do

Our goal is not only to restore the affected environment to its original state, but to restore your peace of mind by approaching the event delicately, sensitively, and professionally, in order to minimize further impact to you and your family. Even though each situation is unique, respect and discretion are common-place and our top priorities.

Our Process

Once the scene is released by law enforcement, Bio Solutions Inc. begins assessing to determine the proper approach to decontamination and restoration. We then safely and professionally remove and dispose of all contaminants before starting the cleaning process. Upon completion of sanitization, we thoroughly inspect the scene to ensure it meets our rigid specifications and high-quality standard

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Did You Know?

In 2015 insurance claim related vehicle remediation's executed by our field team in BC alone were 3420.

that number rose to 4966 before Q4 of 2016. Bio Solutions was the pioneer of remediation for insured vehicles in Canada.

Over 80,000 insured vehicle's have had the bio safe service treatment since 1997.

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Servicing Canada's Most Pro-Active Automotive insurer since 1997 - ICBC

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With 1000's of Homes, Vehicles and Exterior remediation's performed annually since 1997, we are industry experts at efficiency with quality.